Monodock Introduction

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Monopan Docks


Introducing a new lightweight, ultra-durable dock.

The MonoDock has amazing floating characteristics and is extremely easy to install, remove and store.

You will have a beautiful dock for life, as they do not rot or delaminate.

Monopan Advantages


Made from MonoPan®, an ultra-lightweight, extremely strong and durable honeycomb composite panel.

The MonoDock is perfect for any cottage or marina. It is low maintenance and does not require the work and effort that a traditional wooden dock would need year after year.

These low weight docks do not require assembly and can be easily installed by one or two people.Our unique design has an integrated bumper, which will prevent your boat from becoming caught underneath.

The textured surface makes the MonoDock slip resistant and provides a stable surface to enter the water or a boat.

Monopan Features


  • No wood components, made with long-lasting and low maintenance materials
  • Modular units with our snap in connections that is easy to install and remove.
    • One tube dock section (5 ft × 8 ft) only weighs 95lbs / 43 kg.
  • Legs with a safety cam-lock provide height adjustments for varying water levels.

The materials used for our MonoDocks have optimum resistance to outdoor surroundings such as, fresh and salt water, decay, UV rays and impact.

The units are easily removable and are recommended for temporary use where adverse weather conditions prevail.